Walking through the door is never as quiet as they think, especially if someone is waiting for them. The fighting wakes the neighbors, the kids cry quietly in fear under their covers, but they have heard it before. It is always a different flavor of the same argument: but when will it stop? The late nights turn into regretful mornings. The nightmare cycle only worsens when the kids are old enough to realize that one half of their world is not who they thought they were. Their parent is an addict.

For many, addiction is part of their family dynamic. Going through a divorce is extremely stressful, and it is presumptuous to expect full sobriety out of either yourself, or a partner, when enduring the divorce process. It is important that, during the divorce process, there are safeguards in place to protect the children from the full fallout of addiction.

Addiction is a disease that effects all those around it. It is wise to address any addiction issues at the outset of a divorce or parentage proceeding if the afflicted party is not perpetually prioritizing their children’s safety over their addiction.

Cory Oshita, Partner
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