In my almost 25 years of practice as a divorce and family law attorney, I have had the distinct pleasure of representing a number of celebrities, athletes and other individuals in the public eye.  Through those experiences, I have discovered the truth about celebrity divorces… and the truth is – they are no different than any other couple’s divorce.

Of course, with celebrities such as Brad and Angelina, the size of the estate can be in the hundreds of millions of dollars or more, and every aspect of their life is scrutinized by the media and paparazzi, but the issues remain the same. Celebrities, like you and I, get angry, they are hurt, they can be vengeful or vindictive, even spiteful, despite years of professed love for one another and their children.

As we see now, celebrities are also not immune from salacious and very serious allegations.  Just like in many typical divorce cases where you never hear about allegations of abuse until the case has been filed, you are now hearing about allegations of abuse as part of the divorce between Brad and Angelina.

What does all this mean? Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other high-profile individuals, regardless of their fame or wealth, are just like you and me with real people problems and potentially acrimonious divorces; with children in the middle that can have a destructive impact for generations. At Beermann, despite the emotions that everyone, famous or not, goes through as part of a divorce process, it remains our goal to try to assist people through this very emotionally challenging process in a professional and respectful manner as possible.  Our strategies always are designed to preserve the family first.

James M. Quigley, Divorce and Family Law Partner