Family law attorney Kathryn L. Mickelson, and co-chair Honorable Jeanne M. Reynolds, organized an event for the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois titled, “WBAI Domestic Relations Seminar: Complex Issues and Out of the Box Solutions for the Intermediate Family Law Practitioner.

The event was held at Petterino’s on 3/15/12 from 4 – 6 p.m. and featured a unique format where participants sat at five roundtables and a judge was placed at each table. The tables discussed three hypothetical fact patterns related to the issues of removal, parental alienation and maintenance. After each roundtable discussion, which was followed by the tables coming together and reporting their findings to the room, each judge shifted over a table, giving each table a new judge to moderate. The 50+ attendees hailed from WBAI membership and the general family law bar, as well as some individuals outside of the bar.

The judges in attendance were: Judge Grace Dickler (presiding judge of the Domestic Relations Division), Judge Mark Lopez, Judge William Boyd, Judge Reynolds, Judge Debra Walker and Judge Naomi Schuster.