Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many forms and is not always apparent to outside observers. 

We are experienced at obtaining orders of protection, which grant safety in the present, but we also have knowledge of how domestic abuse impacts divorce proceedings, parenting allocation, and other family law issues, which helps secure a client’s future. 

Most importantly, we understand the psychological effects abuse can have and are committed to helping clients address those effects beyond litigation. We will help clients connect with mental health professionals, and be their advocate throughout the entire process, both in and out of the courtroom. 

Orders of protection are court orders which protect a victim and their loved ones from abusers by restricting what the abuser can do. 

Protection orders can bar an abuser from a shared residence, prohibit them from contacting you, prohibit contact with a child, or award a parent temporary custody of a child. 

They can also be issued to protect your personal property or force an abuser to surrender weapons, attend counseling, or refrain from drinking or drug use.

Having an attorney who is experienced in obtaining orders of protection is critical, as nothing is more important than the security of you and your family. 

At Beermann, protecting our clients is our number one priority, and our attorneys have obtained numerous protection orders as part of civil cases, divorce cases, and criminal abuse cases. We have extensive knowledge of the process and will ensure that clients get the security they need quickly and efficiently so they feel safe.

Unlike orders of protection, non-contact orders are available in situations where a client is unable to file for an order of protection.  No-contact orders can be both short term and long term, and help protect victims of abuse. 

Emergency no-contact orders can last up to three weeks, and the abuser does not need to be notified. If a longer-term no-contact order is needed, a hearing will be held and an order can be granted which lasts up to two years. 

No-contact orders are typically granted to victims of physical abuse or individuals who believe another person jeopardizes their safety or the safety of a loved one. 

No matter your situation, Beermann is here to help. Our experienced attorneys will act quickly to ensure you and your loved ones get as much protection as you need and allow you to feel secure moving forward.